Apex Festival 9-10 May Lydden Hill Circuit, Kent, CT4 6ET

  • Apex Festival - 18-19 May, Lydden Hill Race Circuit, Kent

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Apex Festival returns to Lydden hill race circuit on 9-10th May 2015!!!

It's back and is set to be one show you don't want to miss in 2015!

Last year was a 'storming' year on every level.. and this year the Apex Crew have been feverishly hatching plans to bring you our best show ever!
This family friendly show is going to bring you more track action all weekend, louder, faster, crazier demo cars and racers from the far reaches of our continent, even more fun activities for the big and little kids, more traders, artisan boutiques and attractions around the show grounds, more entertainment and more even ways YOU can be part of the show... gates open friday at 4pm

Advanced e-Ticket booking is now CLOSED -

£40 ADULT Full Weekend Pass including camping
(Over 16yrs)
£10 YOUTH Full Weekend Pass including camping (12-16yrs)
£FREE KIDS (Under 12yrs)

(Arrival after 3pm Sat 9th May)
£25 ADULT Short Weekend Pass including camping
(Over 16 yrs)
£7.50 YOUTH Full Weekend Pass including camping (12-16yrs)
£FREE KIDS (Under 12yrs)

SATURDAY DAY PASSES (No Camping Sat 9th May)
£17.50 ADULT Sat Day Pass
(Over 16 yrs)
£5.00 YOUTH Sat Day Pass (12-16yrs)
£FREE KIDS (Under 12yrs)

SUNDAY DAY PASSES (No Camping Sat 9th May)
£15.00 ADULT Sat Day Pass
(Over 16 yrs)
£5.00 YOUTH Sat Day Pass (12-16yrs)
£FREE KIDS (Under 12yrs)



There will be a limited number of track day sessions issued on a first come first serve basis on the morning of each day when the track day sign-on is open. We strongly advise pre-booking your track sessions in advance.


This grass roots family friendly show has really captured the imagination of the classic, race, retro and performance scenes.
It's run and delivered by genuine enthusiasts, with HUGE support from individuals, clubs and trade partners - all of which are influencing the finer aspects of the festival they want to see developed, and at the same time keeping things grounded so we keep that very special and unique atmosphere for years to come.

It is very much is a show 'by the people' 'for the people' - Hmmm 'VolksWagen' = 'Peoples Car' , 'VolksSchau' = 'Peoples Show'
(Well according to Google Translate it is! LoL)

Apex Festival is our 'VolksSchau'

You may have noticed that we have a strong VW influence, it's in our DNA as we circuit race air-cooled and VAG water-cooled cars, and have been rubbin' paint with many other racers and marques over the years with healthy competition and entertaining banter.
That said we have an insatiable appetite for all things Classic, Race, Retro and Performance which has introduced some awesome spectator viewing over our previous events - just look at the photos and videos… you'll see what we mean..

NEW FOR 2015:

• NEW Car and Motorbike Stunt Show in the paddock and on the track! High octane two and four wheel antics from Sparky’s Stunts

• NEW #‎PartyInThePaddock hosted by our friends at V-Dub Island and Headfunk, featuring a great line-up of ‘LIVE’ music at one end, with the infamous Silent Disco at the other!

• NEW OhSoRetro in partnership with Vagingit will host the main arena displays - including a new ‘Peoples Choice’ vote alongside the Show n Shine

• NEW Le Mans Challenge - Unique to Apex Festival, a fun challenge that YOU could be part of, think of drag racing on the twisty stuff, with a Le Mans style sprint to the cars first!

• NEW Show n Go awards presented by Vagingit - If you participate in a track day session you can be part of the Show n Go as voted by the public in the paddocks!

• NEW activities throughout the venue - from the extreme to the hilarious fun sideshows to take part in ( Including a unique wheelie machine where you can wheelie a sports bike!)

...and that’s just some of the NEW content for 2015… there are so many other opportunities for YOU to participate and have fun at Apex...

• FREE Circuit Parade Laps
• Trackday Sessions
• FREE kids activities
• Circuit Action
• Swap Meet
• Over 50+ traders booked in
• Drifting
• Drive-In Movie
• Kids Entertainment
• Paddocks to Explore
• Race Pace Passenger Rides
• Artisan Food Outlets
• Demo Cars
• Drift Taxi Rides
• And much more!

Everything from the Ex-Jason Plato British Touring Car, Drifting Air-cooled Bugs, Retro Mk1 Golf Berg Cup Racers, Single Seater Race Cars, Zetec Powered Mk1 Escorts and Fiestas, Hill Climb Spec MX5 and Beetles, Outlaw Porsche 356, Bike engined sprint cars and of course the infamous Race-Taxi FB1 (Twin Turbo Porsche powered split screen bus - seen overtaking a 911 and pretty much everything else out on the circuit at the time.. really!) Each year it just gets better and more thrilling to witness as we draw cars in from all over Europe..

The drifters will return again this year showcasing their tyre smoking, sideways automotive ballet (Not sure how they will take being likened to a Ballerina.. who knows you may see a Tutu in the paddocks!) - Nothing would surprise us, these guys 'n girls know how to have a laugh and put on a show!

It has always been our ambition to make the festival as participative as possible.. so YOU become part of the very fabric which forms the show itself… yep I think we can maybe reference the 'VolksSchau' again here! :)

To do this we created all sorts of opportunities for YOU to get out and experience the race circuit yourself.. whether it's a fast and fun Trackday Session where you can drive your vehicle - be it a high powered street car or your daily driver worx van - you'll come back in to the pits grinning from ear to ear, typically followed by a brief sprint to see what other slots are available to get back out again!

The Circuit Parade laps are open to ALL to participate and drive around the track all together..

…and if that wasn't enough, you can also buckle-up and take a race pace passenger ride in various race cars, and experience first hand what it is like to be in a Drift Car with passenger rides all weekend.

It's without doubt a festival of Show 'n Go Go Go… and that's just what is happening on the race circuit!

Don't think this is a stereo typical 'Boys day out' - all talk of traction and turbos - It's a family friendly show, albeit with plenty to prevent 'Dad getting bored and annoying you' There are plenty of FREE kids activities with a dedicated Kids Zone (Strategically located so you can keep one eye on the kids having fun and the other on all the track action :) - Well behaved dogs are welcomed too -after all they are part of the family too!

We love good grub and this was important to us too.. If you are a foodie you'll love the catering, it's not often you attend a show and people comment on just how great the food was.. all compliments have to go to the independent food suppliers for bringing us such delicious fayre.

There is loads to see and do in the show grounds, Show 'n Shine Arena, Trade Stands, Club Displays and the Live Open Paddock full of Race and Retro machinery from all over Europe.

Talking of Europe, you'll see plenty of international number plate registrations at Apex, as the venue is ideally located for visiting clubs from Europe - it's just 15mins from Dover International Port, and this year we will be welcoming even more overseas clubs to our UK Scene, which is awesome!

And lets not forget the evening entertainment, with the Drive-In Movie, chilling out eating dinner and popcorn in front of the big screen, before heading down to the dance tent for a Saturday nite Party - featuring the Silent Disco in what has been dubbed the 'Tourrettes Tent' as all you could hear was the raised voices of Headphone wearing revellers shouting to each other "This is ******* mad!!" LoL - Luckily all the little ones were tucked up in bed by then!

So that's the essence of what the Apex Festival is all about.. a fun weekender, with non-stop action, no matter what the weather, rain doesn't stop play on the track.. it just gets more exciting.

It's not something that we have purposely shaped, more something that YOU have impacted and made your own.. and we can all enjoy together. It's like a great big wedding day

We have been genuinely humbled by the response we have had to the festival, how forgiving, constructive and helpful you have been when we didn't get something quite right - remember we are just real enthusiasts wanting to do something fresh in the scene - and there is a real sense of ownership and desire for us to all make this the most fun show on your 'Must Do' calendar..

So once again a massive thank you to YOU for helping us make this a blinding fun weekend - now all we have to do is do it all again!!! - Roll on 09-10th May

See you there.. and spread the word!


We are DOG friendly
We are a family friendly show and that means the dog too! YES you can bring your pooch if it is well behaved, kept on a lead at all times and usual pet etiquette applied (pick up the poop etc..)

Here we Go..Go..Go..!!!!!

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Check out some videos from the Apex Festivals
circuit parade laps • CHAMPIONSHIP SPRINTING • SHOW ‘N GO GO GO • CIRCUIT RACING • RETRO Drifting • DRIVE-IN MOVIE • FREE KIDS ACTIVITIES • DRIFTING TAXI RIDES • OLD SPEED TRACK ACTION • race pace passenger rides • trackday sessions • show n‘ go challenge • demo cars from all over europe • trackside parking • SILENT DISCO • Exhibition races • LIVE MOtorsport action • swap meet • show n’ shine • EUROPEAN CRUISE • independent boutique food outlets • free family fun • retro drift challenge • circuit demonstrations • big party saturday night • club camping • rust n’ prime • auto jumble • trade village • loads of free kids activities • trackside photo opportunities • exhibits on & off the track • open paddocks to explore • on site weekend camping • European CLUBS • family friendly • DRIVE your ride on the race circuit • and a whole heap more that will be announced in the coming weeks… …staying tuned is just a 'like' away on Facebook… ...bring it on!



£40.00 - ADULT (Over 16)
£10.00 - Youth (12-16yrs)
£FREE - Kids (under 12)
Weekend camping is included

£25.00 - ADULT (Over 16)
£7.50 - Youth (12-16yrs)
£FREE - Kids (under 12)
Admission after 3pm on Sat 9th ONLY.
Camping is included

SAT 9TH DAY PASS - On the day
£17.50 - ADULT (Over 16)
£5.00 - Youth (12-16yrs)
£FREE - Kids (under 12)
Camping is not included

SUN 10TH DAY PASS - On the day
£15.00 - ADULT (Over 16)
£5.00 - Youth (12-16yrs)
£FREE - Kids (under 12)
Camping is not included



Cruising the the UK Central Europe?

If you are traveling to the Apex Festival via the Ferry Boat or Euro-Tunnel please

There are various offers available to make your individual or club visit to the Apex Festival even better!!!

Come and see what the UK scene gets up to with this fresh new show, it's just 10-15mins drive from Dover International Port -
Talk to us first :)


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The apex festival is proud to partner with SEMSEC and LYDDEN HILL CIRCUIT to bring you this very special event.
What we got up to last year

We had a blast partnering with our friends last year.. working, playing and partying hard! Here's just some of what we got up to….
Other Great Shows:

if you have a show and want to collaborate get in touch :)
Don't take our word for it!
Here is what some of the magazines and forum posts mentioned about the Apex Festival last year:
“A scorcher in every sense of the word... very much a family-friendly show... certainly a show to add to the must-do list”
VolksWorld magazine
“It was an AWESOME show and a breath of fresh air. The track action was great….”
da’ Fandango – excerpt from a post in volkszone VZi
“...all roads lead to the Apex Festival...if you haven't got a ticket already then get a move on, it's going to be a blinder!!! :) :) “
Cool Flo Vintage
“A great concept... a slick and well organised event... a mix of static and track action...
we will be back for more”
UltraVW magazine
“I went today and have the same sentiments.... WHAT A FRICKIN GREAT PLACE FOR A SHOW!!!!…"
stodge – excerpt from a post in volkszone VZi
"Apex was a whole new take on a UK VW show, offering a breath of fresh air to the calendar – we will be back for sure!"
David Ward – VW Heritage
“What a day! It started when I got to my friend Jez Parson's workshop this morning on the way to the Apex Festival. He said 'Why not take my Bus?' I thought he was joking – but he wasn't...  ...Then I got a ride in the Race Taxi – same engine with twin turbos and built for the track. The show is a belter... ...GO!”
Ivan McCutcheon – VolksWorld

Take a look at the video below from the Apex Festival!

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Make sure you ‘LIKE’ us on Facebook, to keep up to date with all the breaking news, schedule and announcements… there will be a lot as we confirm even more features and activities over the coming weeks, so don’t miss out.. ‘LIKE’ the Apex Festival page now!
The Apex Festival is set to be an action packed weekender, with lots of fantastic opportunities for visitors to be part of the spectacle both on and off the track!

Can’t wait to see you there!